Monday, August 31, 2009

Congressman Hal Rogers (R-KY) on Cap and Trade

"Hello. This is Congressman Hal Rogers.

"As we head into September I wanted to bring yourattention to an important issue that will be facing the Congress in theupcoming months. "Cap and Trade" is a bill that passed the House inJune without my support and is now up for debate in the U.S. Senate.Though the bill claims to protect our environment, in reality it isnothing more than a $646 billion "carbon tax" paid by every American,rich or poor and every business, small or large. Every time you turn onyour lights, the tax would begin.

"I don't need to remind you that gas prices are alreadyrising and utility rates are going up. With nearly 11% unemployment inKentucky, its no secret that our people are hurting.

"Yet despite the hard times America is in, PresidentObama and Speaker Pelosi are determined to pass this "Cap and Trade"bill that will charge consumers a fee just for turning on the lights,driving to work, or heating their home in the winter.

"Even worse, Kentucky will be hit the worst from thisboondoggle because 95% of our power comes from coal, and this bill takesdead aim at coal. If this "Cap and Trade" bill becomes law, we will gofrom the lowest electricity rates in the nation, to the highest - anestimated increase of hundreds of dollars a year when fully implemented.

"Kentuckians can't afford this national energy tax, nordo they want it; rather, the people of Kentucky want energyindependence. That means sound investments in alternative energytechnologies like clean coal, natural gas, and nuclear. It meanspassing an affordable energy plan that breaks our dependence on foreignoil and unlocks the vast energy resources sitting untapped on Americansoil and our coastlines."

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